It’s not about your equipment, it’s about what you can do with it!



Below I would like to give you an overview of my music equipment.

In addition to talent and ambition, the skillful handling of your own equipment is essential.

That’s why my creed is: Control your equipment!





FL Studio 12

Of utmost importance for music production is the selection of the DAW, the Digital Audio Workstation. To put it casually: The DAW is – completely independent of the genre – the building block for your music creations.

I came in contact with FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) early on and can not imagine switching to another audio sequencer. The workflow, the user interface, the range of supplied samples and plugins, a lifelong upgrade right and last but not least the unbeatable low price make FL Studio for me to THE DAW par excellence.

I own the current FL Studio 12 Signature Bundle and I can only recommend to not underestimate this sequencer. FL Studio 12 is with the unbeatable low price of only €239 the perfect solution for beginners and advanced producers.

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Steinberg UR-12The foundation for producing music is laid with the choice of DAW. What is missing now is also of the utmost importance: the audio interface. This is the interface between computer and hardware. In other words, most studio condenser microphones must first be pre-amplified with + 48V. Even studio monitors (studio speakers) can not simply be connected to the computer via a small jack. In the past, the connection of hardware and computer was associated with very expensive purchases.

Nowadays, it does not need more than a pocket-sized interface. I use a Steinberg UR-12, which I simply connect via USB to my computer. This device amplifies my mircrophone at the push of a button and gives me the opportunity to connect my studio headphones and monitors to my computer.

Das UR-12 erhält man für unglaubliche 99€! Für andere vergleichbare USB Interfaces zahlt man schnell das Doppelte oder sogar Dreifache! Aber als ob das nicht schon genug ist, kommt das UR-12 sogar noch mit Cubase AI. Wer also schnell und einfach in die Welt der Musikproduktion starten möchte, sollte definitiv zuerst in dieses Interface investieren.

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 Studio monitors


M-Audio BX8

The studio monitors split the minds and tastes. Some are fans of customary KRKs, others like Yamaha. Here everyone should decide according to their own feelings. It is best to test these live.

I opted for the M-Audio BX8a a couple of years ago and I am very satisfied so far.

The BX8a features an 8 “Kevlar woofer for rich bass and a 1.25” tweeter, covering a frequency range of 30-24,000 Hz. This was very important to me, because with these monitors I can still hear very deep subbass very well.

The BX8a are a discontinued model. However, the successor BX8 D3 provides almost the same features. However, the €149 is a unit price. So do not forget to purchase two monitors.

Conclusion: Inexpensive and powerful studio monitors!

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 Studio headphones


Beyerdynamic DT 770 ProSimilar to the studio monitors, it is the case with studio headphones. Everyone should choose their headphones according to their own criteria. Pay attention not only to the specified frequency range and sound pressure level but also to features such as wearing comfort. Here also applies: Try before buy! Depending on how intensively you want to work with your studio headphone, he should definitely sit comfortably on his head and not push. Keep an eye out for a sufficiently long cable.

Another feature that should be particularly important in studio headphones is the design. Semi-open or open headphones often offer a slightly better and clearer sound experience, but are not suitable for public use and are only partially suitable for studios. Due to their open or semi-open design noise penetrates to the outside. This is undesirable especially for audio recordings.

I therefore recommend a closed headphone. In my possession is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, the all-time classic and favorite of many musicians. Convincing is its robust construction, the practical spiral cable, the choice between small and large jack and last but not least the incredible price of €139. You will search for comparable headphones for this price almost in vain.

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Rode NT1-A

Probably the cheapest and best entry into the world of recording you get with the Rode NT1-A. I work with it, too. What characterizes this 1″ cardioid diaphragm microphone is the wonderfully linear frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz and the unbelievably low price of only €166.

The manufacturer prides itself on the tagline “The world’s quietest studio microphone” and you can definitely say that the Rode NT1-A is  inecredibly low noise. Even the most subtle sounds are picked up by the microphone without artifacts and without recognizable self-noise. Paired with Steinberg’s UR-12 and the “Direct Monitor” button you can hear yourself live during the recording.

As strikingly as it may sound: Here you get a lot for little money, because the Komplettbundle includes a 6 m long XLR wire, a pop filter, a really high-quality shock mount that surrounds the microphone securely and a sturdy tripod on which shock mount and microphone can be attached easily.

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