Hi! My name is Padshah.

I’m 26 years old and I love music. At first it was just a valve to digest experiences that I made but it quickly became my passion. Everything started in 2005 with a Magix Music Maker but I realized soon that precast loops and samples weren’t enough for me. Since then I produce in all genres with FL Studio.

Around the same time as producing I began to rap and soon found local and national recognition. I founded my own rapcrew with long-standing friends and we released tapes from 2009 to 2011, which were well received by our fans and the rap scene in my hometown Leipzig.

In 2013 I released my song “Grünauer Blocks Part II” which has cultstatus in Leipzig by now. With this song I took stock of personal experiences in my district ‘Grünau’, which was one of the largest former satellite towns of the German Democratic Republic. After the release my song was featured on a compilation of the ‘Ear-To-The-Street Magazine’ and on hiphop.de. I was interviewed about my hood ‘Grünau’ by local press and I had the honor to perpetuate myself within the project “Wir sind Grünau” along other artists on the big ‘Grünau’-anthem and the associated lipdub video “Hello Sunshine (zwischen den Blocks)” in 2016. Later that year I was booked for my first rap workshop for kids and teenagers within the “ongoing project”. Since October 2017 I direct my own workshop with refugees from Afghanistan in a project studio in cooperation with the association “urban souls” and founded a new rap-crew named “Brench Connection”.

padshah, rapper, brench connection, leipzig, trap, rap, hip hopBesides my activities as a rapper I love to produce beats as well.

Neben meinen Aktivitäten als Rapper produziere ich jedoch genauso gern Instrumentals. I completely produce my songs on my own and text, record and mix every song myself.

I feel comfortable in the genres hip-hop and electronic dance music but I also like to try out new vibes and techniques. While a lot of hip-hop producers tend to be moonstruck with genre barriers, their beats tend to have some basic monotony. I incorporate influences from other music genres to give the beat a unique sound and groove.

My name stands for individuality, so I attach great importance to creating my own patches. While presets sound very common, I like to build distinctive und unparalleled sounds in my productions.

Now I would like to wish you lots of fun on my website.

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